Master’s Programme Committee for Engineering Physics 5/22

Master’s Programme Committee for Engineering Physics 5/22


Hello again, hopefully everyone has had a wonderful summer. The summary will once again be quite brief as there wasn’t much discussion.

First, new master’s thesis topics and grades of completed thesis were accepted. There was a considerable number of new thesis topics which the university side found positive.

Second item was about a change for a course PHYS-E0546 Density-Functional Theory which was originally set to not have teaching during the academic year 2023-2024. The committee accepted a change for this as teaching has since become available. The course is now planned to be taught during this and the next year on periods I - II.

Next, we had look at the numerical course feedback given by student on physics courses. Overall, the gradings were good with A-level service courses were given a special mention. TFM-freshman courses had especially very good grades. The numerical grades shown didn’t indicate any comparison to previous years and the stats were not available for me due to new committee structure implemented this year.

Finally, we revied the timetable for orientation week, but no discussion arose here.