Master’s Programme Committee for Engineering Physics 7/22

Master’s Programme Committee for Engineering Physics 7/22

Tuesday 13 December 2022 at 14:15

In the last committee meeting of the year, the committee accepted the usual master’s thesis topics and grades and clarified the naming of course PHYS-E0551 Low Temperature Physics. The committee also looked at announcements of master’s admissions schedule for the year 2023 and tentative schedule for next year’s committee meetings.

An issue regarding course naming was presented by students earlier this autumn. In short certain courses, like density-functional-theory and low temperature physics have had contents that vary between years. This was deemed confusing, and, in the future, such courses will be split into multiple individual courses in the SISU-system with an extra subcode to indicate their relation to one another. For example, this committee meeting accepted one of these changes to course PHYS-E0551 Low Temperature Physics, which was split into

PHYS-E055101 Low Temperature Physics – Nanoelectronics (Autumn 2023)
PHYS-E055102 Low Temperature Physics – Low temp Techniques (Spring 2024)
PHYS-E055103 Low Temperature Physics – Superconductivity (Spring 2023)

Other courses, like PHYS-E0546 Density-Functional Theory, can be updated in spring 2023 committee meetings.

Finally in the meeting, we took a very quick look at next year master’s admission schedule and tentative committee meeting schedule. Next committee meeting will be held on 24.1.2023.

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