English Bachelor’s Programme Committee 1/23

A bit later than hoped. The first committee meeting for the English Bachelor degrees has been held.
With a new curriculum cycle starting there was first a discussion on the whole process with rough deadlines.

The current phase for the curriculum planning revolves around understanding where things needs improvement. To do this it’s also important to be aware of where the committee can adjust as they feel needed and where it needs external approval, ex from at least a University level there is a requirement for ‘General Studies’ these are courses that all (of most) of the majours in a degree needs to include, these are 65 Cr for the degree the committee can decide on subjects suitable for all of the majours. With the dropping of University wide studies last year this has left a bit of a gap with having courses that not all majours feel that there’s any impactfull benefit as such a suggestion has come to look into whether all majours would benefit from a basic physics course. The option has been brought up as well to reduce the number of credits for electives to increase the majour’s credits, all majours would need to look into this.
There was further discussion on whether places for electives and minor subjects in the first period on the second year is good, there was no problem from any representative around students having the ability to decide on a minor however it did come up that electives are a lot more difficult to figure out what’s available and which electives impacts which other options either in the M.Sc level or just other elective courses. From this came the potential suggestions to have suggested courses for majour optional and electives for when taking different M.Sc majours esp to ensure that any potential pre-requisites for the M.Sc majours are covered. The student services will look into potential manners to extend assistance with planning into the M.Sc selections. It’s also been mentioned that guilds could look at building up a database of courses with student impressions. There is a strong feeling against having full ‘example plans’ with electives and minor as the degree composition should be individual as that is part of what leads to the strengths of the degrees.

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