English Bachelor's Programme Committee 4/2023

The meeting started with discussing the Admission statistics for 2023. Similar to last year there was a significant number of applications however this year the quota targets were not made (compared to last year quotas for all majours were made except Chem that has excess). After some discussion and looking into the potentials for it, it was noted that the Admission Group 2’s quotas has been on par just not those of Admission Group 1 (it came out that AG1 was also under represented wrt quotas the previous year). This led to the question of why does the programme not look that to the Admision Group 1 applicants, who are mainly Finnish students. There was mention about a new admission decliner survey that has gone out but not yet reached it’s deadline as such we cannot say for sure.

The Curriculum of 2024-2026 came up next, QT and Chem majours has already submitted their learning outcomes with no majour changes, the other majours will submit their outcomes before the next meeting. It was decided that unless there comes majour changes to the learning outcomes (rather than slight wording changes) there is no need for a decision item to approve wording changes.

With the dropping of the Basic Optional Course (earlier also know as University wide studies) QT, Chem and Computational Engineering is interested in replacing it with “PHYS-A0110 Introduction to University Physics”. Even it was requested to be a first period course there will not be resources for it to be held in the first period but only the second period. This course will be added as part of the basic studies portion on the curriculum and as such the module will need to be extended by 2Cr to 67Cr in the degrees.

It was further mentioned that there is a discussion outside the influence of this committee to include 5Cr. worth of physics courses in all majour. Digital Systems and Design might have sufficient courses already in their curriculum for this however Data Science majour is not in favour of this as they are already in need of looking ta higher level courses.

The AllWell survey hasn’t had much to discuss as especially the open ended questions didn’t bring anything up.

There was an overview of the Orientation meeting with mainly what events the professors needs to have representation in.

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