Master’s Programme Committee for Engineering Physics 2/23

The Master’s Programme Committee for Engineering Physics gathered online for the second time this year on the 21st of March. The committee approved the grades of some Master’s theses, and some theses topics.

The meeting had two main topics: Scholarships and tuitions of students that come from non-EU and EEA countries and the new curriculum for 2024-2026. Aalto University is revising the scholarship programme as it hasn’t been changed since 2017/18 and all the programme committees of Aalto have been asked about their opinion on the scholarships and tuitions. The committee answered in agreement that these tuition fees should be minimized since approximately 2/3 of the people that reject the admission reject it due to the tuition fee. The committee also expressed interest in the possibility of a programme dependent tuition fee that could be decided within the programme.

The new curriculum for 2024-2026 will be dealt with more precisely in the next committee meeting, but the deadlines for the contents of this curriculum were brought up. One key difference in the curriculum that Aalto is trying to implement is that one could check courses that can be accessed via the flexible study right (JOO) on SISU for example from Helsinki University. This implementation apparently has some issues but it is a possibility if all goes according to plan.

Some smaller topics were also brought up for example the course feedback for the department of applied physics had a good spread and the average score that courses had recieved was excellent. The yearly target of 25 new Master’s students for physics was brought up but that apparently hasn’t been met in the previous years thus causing no issues so it was kept the same.

The committee convenes next on the 16th of May at 14:15.

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