Master’s Programme Committee for Engineering Physics 3/24

A pretty quick meeting today. Most relevant things are AllWell results showing nice trends and thesis management process is being renewed. There will definitely be more news about the process as it gets closer to the finish line.

Decision items

  • Approval of master’s theses topics and languages as well as appointment of theses supervisors and advisors
    • Topics were accepted
  • Approval and evaluation of master’s theses
    • Master’s theses and grades were approved.
  • Changes to the curriculum for 2024-2026
    • Fixed some typos, and small mistakes in the curriculum. Moved some courses in the major to different brackets. Nothing to worry about.

Discussion items

  • Admissions criteria 2025

    • There was a sketch to increase openness of application criteria (adding grading scale and weights to different criteria).
      • These would apply to people applying directly to the Master’s programme from outside Aalto.
    • The changes would increase the workload of evaluating the admissions. This was considered acceptable because of the low quantity of applicants.
    • There was no desire to increase the amount of critical requirements for being accepted to not lower the intake of applicants but these changes were not considered to do that.
  • AllWell results 2024

    • Overall quite close to SCI averages with nothing standing out as alarming.
    • Student burnout rates are on a steady decline after the pandemic ended.
    • The workload of period IV was raised but that is something that is already being worked on in course planning.


  • Programme orientation for new students

    • Happens on orientation week as always.
  • Thesis management process

    • Will be renewed. The new process was presented for the committee. There was a timetable for trainings for faculty.

Next meeting will be June 18th so get back to you then.

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