Master’s Programme Committee for Mathematics and Operations Research 4/23


Hopefully the summer has started well for everyone. Here is the summary for the 4th Master’s Programme Committee for Mathematics and Operations Research held yesterday on the 13th of June.

Decision items

This time there were in total eight Master’s thesis topics to be approved, and all of them got their approval. It was quickly mentioned that according to common practice, a Master’s thesis topic does not contain abbreviations or proper nouns. This mention did not however lead to rejection of any of the topics, as during the process there is still time to reconsider the name of the thesis. Also as said, this is more or less a common practice, not a strict rule.

In addition to the approval of the thesis topics, grades for three Master’ theses were to be evaluated and approved. In all of the three cases, the grades were approved as proposed by the supervisors. The evaluation of the theses lead us to discuss the AI guidelines and principles; the professors informed that the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis has drafted their own guidelines regarding the use of AI. The draft will be shared to the Guild members. The official Aalto level guidelines have not been formulated yet, but the process is on its way, and the issue will be for example discussed further in a LESG meeting on the 14th of June. The Aalto level draft and the draft of the Department are said to be somewhat similar.

As a third and last decision item, a small adjustment was approved to the Master’s admissions 2024 academic evaluation criteria. The adjustment was according to the discussion in the last meeting (Matematiikan ja operaatiotutkimuksen koulutusneuvoston kokous 3/2023 // Master’s Programme Committee for Mathematics and Operations Research meeting 3/2023), that is, “recognitions and awards” was added to the to the list of methods of demonstrating competence.

This time there were no discussion items on the table and for announcements, it was only announced that the next meeting is on the 22nd of August. A pleasant summer for everyone until then!

Br, Tommi