Master's Programme Committee for Engineering Physics 1/23

Master’s program committee for Engineering Physics gathered today for the first time in 2023. Meeting was held online, and this’ll be the standard practice for year. In a rather brief meeting, there were but two decision items to handle. The committee approved the grading of a Master’s thesis, and a number of thesis topics, including the appointment of advisors and supervisors.

TEK’s Master’s thesis awards for year 2022 were brought up. The award is typically given for a single Master’s thesis of exceptional quality in the STEM fields. Application remains open until 6th of February, although the process seems to be initiated by faculty only. From the layperson’s point of view it suffices to know that such an award exists.

Finally, the AllWell? wellbeing questionnaire will be open for second-year BSc students and first-year Master’s students Feb 15th - March 1st. Feedback is highly appreciated.

There were no items to decide or discuss beyond these; committee convenes next the 21st of March 14:15, online.