Mathematics and Operations Research degree programme committee meeting 3/2022

Hi all! This meeting was a short one, so this summary will be brief as well.

Deleted courses

The courses MS-E1143 and MS-E1144 Algebraic geometry 1 and 2, and MS-E1053 Enumerative combinatorics are deleted from the curriculum 2022-2024. No further info is available currently.

Topics on the evaluation of diploma theses

Nothing on the topic was decided in this meeting, but a few questions arose during the discussion. The main three ones were the following:

  • How does a longer thesis time (over 6 months) affect the grade of the thesis?
  • Should students be provided with a clear thesis template and guidelines on the appearance and structure of the thesis?
  • What is the contribution of the thesis to the research topic?
    • In terms of the discussion, this was probably the most interesting one. One concern was that a thesis should not be too straightforward in a “take a tool and apply it” sense. However, it was acknowledged that it is not realistic to demand scientific contribution due to the limited number of advisors. It was also noted that the requirements should be in line with the other programmes, and theses in Math&OR should not be graded more strictly than, say, in computer science.

The committee agreed that these would be discussed in the next meeting June 14th.

Other topics

The ongoing master’s theses and their supervisors are now listed in a table in Aalto University Wiki, as agreed in the previous meeting. The table is visible for staff only.

The external admission quota for the Math&OR master’s programme was increased from 15 to 20. This only concerns applicants outside Aalto and non-technology Aalto students.

That’s it folks! The next meeting is June 14th. Have a nice summer everyone!

Papa Pajouli

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