Results of the grade survey

Hi all!

Here is a summary of the results of the grade survey that was conducted a few weeks ago: Grade survey results - Google Slides. These results will be discussed in the TFM programme committee on Dec 15th.

Most important points:

  • 68% prefer a numerical grade
    – according to the answers, it maintains motivation and rewards hard work
  • 32% prefer pass/fail
    – according to the answers, it’s less stressful and there’s a bigger focus on learning
  • many respondents understand the pros and cons of both

Moving to a pass/fail system probably wouldn’t be wise, but one suggestion is to keep basic and major studies as 0-5 but move elective and/or minor studies to pass/fail.

If you have any thoughts about the results or the subject in general, feel free to write them down below or message me on Telegram @opintovastaava. Thanks for your answers!

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